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 IT IS HERE, MY NEW BOOK @  I will be selling autographed  copies on as soon as my copies get delivered to me I will place them for sale.
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Art Ink It!  Yap! That is the name of my new book. coming out soon.  I really hope you will take the time to check it out on You will be able to buy it in an e-book and regular book form.  For the first 100 books sold I will give away a
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Now, you can buy my jewelry from Keith A. Fleming, at 132 East 2nd , Port Clinton, Ohio. You can call for the hours at (419) 734-5235. Or directly from me. Just e-mail me.
 His shop is a great place to visit with He feature's many different Artists creations. This is a place you can find that special something for your loved ones this Christmas.

Susan Riha Parsley
Artist’s Statement
Painting with ink excites me leaving me with a yearning to do more. The abstract paintings are both controlled and uncontrolled paintings. The paintings are developed through my photos, drawings; pouring, mixing of ink colors, and at times research.
My paintings of nature just emerged; I am drawn to the sunsets and sunrises surrounding me. In this body of work titles of gallery shows have influenced me. I have used the title of gallery shows to inspire me to come up with ideas.
My passion is art. It was never a choice, it just has always has been. I have created art since I was a little girl. Having a special connection with something that makes you feel alive is how I feel when I place  ink to the paper. It is like your first kiss over and over again. It is little butterflies in your stomach seeing someone looking at your art just hoping that they will feel the excitement that you felt when you created it. My only hope is that I have left you with inspiration to create your art.

Thank you for visiting.
jewelry made with heat torch and plastic paper.  How to book in the making.

Beautiful art for your neck.
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